I am on a journey of painful and necessary self-discovery as I wrestle with my roles of daughter, mother, wife, and friend. The healing needed for this part of my life requires work, reflection, quiet, and discomfort. Writing and music are my companions on this road, and I will share my words here with other weary travelers who long for transformation and rest. I will share them to heal and to connect and to be known. My words on paper have often been all that I have needed to cry and breathe and get back up again. It is one of the ways I feel God most near.

My name is Gloria Hsu and I am married to my middle school sweetheart, Clive. We have been married for 17 years and we have four sons. Our youngest son was born with Down Syndrome. A little girl came to us by way of adoption, increasing our full house to a fuller 7. These two journeys alone could fill this blog. But there is so much more than that, so I will fill it with those and other things.

I am a Nurse Practitioner in a former life, and currently am the co-founder and former director of Pregnancy Support Center (PSC) here in Taiwan, where our family has lived for the last 10 years. I love depth of conversation, asking questions to get to the heart of a person, and hearing God speak in any way, shape, or form. I love sparkling sidewalks, the breeze on my face, and the birds that come to the bird feeder on my balcony. I love anything that makes my heart pause and feel the pull of God’s love to breathe in the mystery and see the unseen. I could listen to stories of God speaking all day long. I love my husband and my kids and my daily orange juice green tea. Life is so hard. And so good. And so hard.